Natural Build Fitness LLC


  • Liberty, Missouri
  • Kansas City area
  • Online


  • Posing
  • Choreography
  • Diet and training

Professional Expertise and Areas of Expertise

Owners and promoters for the prestigious Natural Southern States Classic and St. Louis Gateway Naturals Contests

“Together we bring many years of experience. That experience is unique however from most trainers. With all the judging and with this access to thousands of competitors we have learned what it takes to be successful in Physique Sports.”

Becky Arnold

  • Competed for several years garnering many overall titles
  • Regional Head judge with the NANBF with hundreds of contests judged
  • Highly sought after for posing, choreographer, diet and training.

John Arnold

  • BS Physical Education
  • Competed in bodybuilding for 20+ years
  • Won his Pro Card in 2007 at the age of 50
  • Record setting Natural Powerlifter
  • NANBF ¬†judge for 15+ years
  • Has a strong client list he has helped go pro

Contact Information

Facebook Pages: John Arnold / Natural Southern States Classic / St. Louis Gateway Naturals