Natural Bodybuilder Cassandra DiSciullo

Natural Bodybuilder Cassandr DiSciullo Birth date April 9, 1991

Birthplace Boston, MA

Current Residence Boston, MA

Height 5’1

Contest Weight 118

Off-Season Weight 135

First Bodybuilding Contest
April 12th, 2014 WBFF

Best Contest Placing
Top 10 in the WBFF November 7, 2014

What made you decide to start doing competitions?
I was always very active in highschool, and college. I danced for 17 years and always worked out and ate healthy. I felt that for all the working out I was doing that I should see more results. So, I finally decided to take my fitness to the next level and really challenge my body.

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Figure
My role model would be my coach, Janelle Nicolo. Her constant drive, ambition and her success is my motivation. She has a “can do” attitude and continues to motivate me daily.

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors who physiques you most admire
I love Andreia Brazier’s physique.

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors whose personalities you most admire
I love Dana Linn Bailey’s personality. She’s fun, carefree and doesn’t care about what people think about her.

Highlight(s) of Career
My highlight of my career has honestly been just seeing my body change over just the short span of a year. It’s amazing to see how your body responses to certain foods and exercises. I love being knowledgeable of different foods, nutrition, training and I love learning more and more about my body.

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career
I wouldn’t say I had any disappointments in my career. Everything is a learning experience, whether good or bad. I am thankful I have the opportunity to wake up every morning and train and live the healthy lifestyle I do.

Best Body Part
I believe my legs are my best body part.

Natural Bodybuilder Cassandr DiSciulloMost Challenging Body Part
My midsection, its always the last to come in for shows.

Favorite Exercise
I love any exercise that challenges me.

Least Favorite Exercise
Steady state cardio.

Traits you admire most in others
The traits I most admire most in others are trust, their ability to communicate with one another and their confidence.

Traits you admire most in yourself
The traits I admire most about myself are my confidence, how I put others before myself, my honesty, and my sense of humor.

Favorite Movies
I don’t really have a favorite movie, I like all different types!

Favorite Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio!

Favorite Band or Performer

I listen to all different types of music, so I don’t have a favorite!

Natural Bodybuilder Cassandr DiSciulloFavorite Food:
My favorite food would 100 percent be nut butters. Almond butter, peanut butter, give me them all!

Favorite Cheat Day Treats
Believe it or not, I love a huge bowl of oatmeal, protein powder, a banana, walnuts and lots and lots of almond butter. Not a cheat to some, but I would take that over sweets any day!

Favorite Automobile
Black on black range rover.

Idea of a Perfect Vacation
My idea of a perfect vacation would be on a tropical island somewhere, on the beach all day.

Favorite TV Program(s)

I don’t have one! I don’t really watch TV.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a Bodybuilder/Figure Competitor?
I have a full time job now, and balance my lifestyle pretty well with friends, family and my career; so honestly not much would change. Except maybe I wouldn’t get mood swings on my low carb days 😉

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions
I would love to eventually earn my PRO Status with the WBFF. I would also like to have a healthy balanced lifestyle on and off of prep and keep improving my physique.

What you like most about Bodybuilding?
I love working toward a goal. I love watching my body transform over time. This is something that takes time, effort and dedication. It doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t buy it. I love putting in the work and seeing results. It is very humbling.

What you dislike most about Bodybuilding?
The two things I dislike most about bodybuilding are sometimes I feel like there are a lot of fake aspects in this industry. An example is you cannot believe everything you see on social media. I also dislike how people complain. This is our choice as competitors to eat and train how we do. If you do not like it, don’t do it. No one is making us do this. We should be thankful we are given the opportunity to do this, because not many can.

What advice would you give other competitors?
If I was to give other competitors any advice it would be to stop competing against others and start competing against yourself. No one can compare themselves to any one else. Everyone has a different story, a different body and a different prep. Once you stop comparing yourself to others, wanting to be others or competing against others you will have a much better mind set. Also, don’t talk down upon yourself. Only you know how far you have come regardless of what others may say, so be PROUD AND CONFIDENT.

Who would you like to thank for guidance and/ or support in your competitions?
I would like to thank my coach for literally transforming my body and helping me every step of the way in this crazy journey. My Body Ambition teammates who are there for me and support and motivate me daily. Lastly, my friends and family. Without the unconditional love and support I get from them none of this would be possible. Their so understanding and still put up with me in the final days of prep, and that is tough!

A little more about you…
I graduated from Johnson and Wales with an advertising and marketing degree and one day I will love to work in the fitness industry doing marketing or advertising.


Website Instagram: @cassandraa_d Twitter: @cassandraa_d