Running massively popular natural bodybuilding events in her spare time.

Unassuming at 5 feet tall, with a winning smile and easy going attitude, you probably wouldn’t suspect that this mother of two is also:

  • President of WNBF, the oldest and most respected natural bodybuilding federation in the world
  • A 4-time WNBF Pro World Champion Bodybuilder
  • The owner of a manufacturing business in the center of historic Worcester, MA.
Nancy Andrews competing in natural bodybuilding

This fall Nancy will produce two of the biggest natural bodybuilding events in the northeast:

This fall Nancy will produce two of the biggest natural bodybuilding events in the northeast:

INBF NaturalMania and WNBF Pro Universe
On Saturday, September 28, 2019 the best natural bodybuilders and fitness athletes from the region will compete at the White Plain Performing Arts Center in New York. Because of the location, almost equally distant from Connecticut and New Jersey, this show draws athletes with an amazing range of experience and skill, providing for fierce competition on both the amateur and professional levels. It also doesn’t hurt that $12,000 will be award in Pro prizes!

INBF/WNBF Monster Mash
This Worcester, MA event is so popular that it takes place over two days – Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3, 2019. It will be the last chance for WNBF Pros who haven’t competed this year to qualify for Pro Worlds. Pro prize amounts will be at least $12,000, but may increase depending on the total number of competitors.

2019 INBF NaturalMania WNBF Pro Universe
2019 Monster Mash

Decades of Excellence

Nancy and her team of industry professionals have been managing top-notch natural bodybuilding events since 1995, starting with the original INBF Northeast Classic and WNBF Pro American, held each June in Worcester, MA. By 2015 this event had grown so popular that a novice-only show was added, making it a two-day event; the phenomenal growth has continued – 360 athletes competed in June 2019!

In June 2018 a new event, the INBF South Shore Classic, held in Plymouth, MA, hit the ground running with 71 competitors; in 2019 the list of competitors increased by 39%.

The latest addition to the Nancy Andrews roster, SpringMania, will be held on May 9, 2020 in West Hartford, CT.

All of these shows are promoted, produced, and judged by Nancy’s team of industry professionals, and are hugely popular due in no small part to:

  • The strictest drug-free policy in natural bodybuilding and fitness competition
  • Expansive amateur and pro classes, attracting hundreds of athletes, from newbies to seasoned pros
  • Super-Pro Qualifiers, providing Amateurs a fast track to compete as a Pro in the 2019 WNBF World Championships

Nancy offers posing classes and seminars, staffed by herself as well as WNBF professionals, where attendees newbies gain a strong basis for competition, seasoned athletes brush up on rules and requirements, and tips and tricks to help everyone compete at their best.

The smashing success of Nancy’s events is even more amazing when you consider the sheer number of natural bodybuilding shows up and down the East Coast. With so many federations to choose from, the strength of the WNBF and INBF brands, combined with strong leadership and a commitment to strict drug-free competition have been important drivers of growth and expansion not only for Nancy, but the federation itself.

Nancy and Turtle at the 2018 WNBF INBF World Championships in Los Angeles, CA
Nancy with WNBF Italy