Todd Denardo IFPA Pro Birth Date:  June 12, 1971

Birth Place:  Minneapolis

Current Residence:  Shakopee

Contest Weight:  155

Off Contest Weight:  175

First Bodybuilding Contest: Badger Classic

Best Contest Placings:

Northern states natural classic 1st place Masters and 1st place short open

Mr. Minnesota natural 2nd place masters and pro card

Todd Denardo IFPA Natural ProWhat made you decide to start doing competitions? Started doing comps. because I was in a dark place going through a divorce after 12 years. I felt I was still in excellent shape and needed something for myself that I was passionate about.

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Figure: Didn’t have any role models coming in. Just dove in. I respect all competitors. It’s the lifestyle. The hard work and dedication. I followed Craig Capurso a little to see what took place at a physique competition.

Highlights of Career: Just love the competition and fit family. Glad to be part of it. Highlight is winning my IFPA pro card just 8 months in to competing.

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career: No disappointments! None!

Best Body Part: Biceps

Most Challenging Body Part: Chest

Favorite exercise: Cable Flys

Least Favorite Exercise: Squats

Traits you admire most in others: All positive energy

Traits you admire most in yourself:   Gone through a lot of dark times and I’m still here pushing forward.

Favorite Movies: I am a movie freak! Like action/adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and comic movies.

Favorite Actor: Al Pacino

IFPA Pro Todd DenardoFavorite Band or Performer: Too many

Favorite Food: Cow and potatoes!

Favorite Cheat Day Treats: Pizza, gelato, popcorn

Favorite Automobile: Anything with 4 wheels that is reliable and will get me from point A to point B. Want a big RV! Hey, I’m old!

Idea of a Perfect Vacation: Great road trip with my daughter in my RV.

Favorite TV Program: Ultimate fighter

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions: Outside of body building- I really don’t know. Just working more to pay off debt.

What you like most about Bodybuilding? Like most-it’s just me and the training. It’s a pure lifestyle. No bs. Simple.

What you dislike most about Bodybuilding? Have to take rest days!

What advice would you give other competitors: Never strive to try to get someone else’s build. You are who you anatomically are. All you can do is make your body the best you can, believe it’s the best, and go sell it on stage baby!

Who would you like to thank for guidance and/ or support in your competitions? My coach Aaron Callister

Todd Denardo4Who would you like to thank for guidance and/ or support in your competitions? God first then my family. They have been to all my comps.

A little more about you: I am a very simple man. Don’t want or need much. I’m just going to enjoy my life, been through enough darkness. I’m going to raise my daughter into an amazing woman. Served with U.S. Army infantry for 9 1/2 years. Through it all, I have no regrets. It’s made me who I am today.