Natural Bikini Pro Tawnya Cline

Birthdate: April 15 Natural Bikini Pro Tawnya Cline

Birthplace: Lodi, CA

Current residence: Scottsdale, AZ

Height: 5’3 1/2″

Contest weight: 116

Off season weight: 123

First Competition

NPC Bikini Open and Jr. Masters July, 2011

Best Contest Placings

1st Pro Bikini PNBA Natural Universe July 2014
1st Pro Bikini PNBA Team USA September 2014
1st Pro Sports Model PNBA Natural Olympia 2014
2nd Pro Bikini PNBA Natural Olympia 2014
2nd Pro Bikini PNBA Team USA September 2013
2nd Pro Bikini PNBA Natural Olympia 2013

What made you decide to start doing competitions?

I was opening Nutrition Head 2 Toe and was looking for some new physical results using our products.

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Figure/Bikini

Mark HughesNatural Bikini Pro Tawnya Cline

Bodybuilders/Figure/Bikini Competitors whose physiques you most admire

There are so many. I think everyone has their beauty about them. I don’t have one specific person.

Highlight(s) of career

It’s hard to pick a favorite. I have had many! Winning my pro card in IFPA in August of 2012. Taking my first champion title as a Bikini Pro at PNBA Natural Universe 2014. Taking two of the girls I coach to INBA/PNBA Team USA and watching them both get their Bikini Pro card and taking another title in the Pro bikini and Sports Model myself. I was also very excited to be offered the Editor-In-Chief for Natural Bikini Magazine.

Biggest disappointment(s) of career

Working all year to take the title at the PNBA Natural Olympia Title for 2014. While I was happy with the package I brought and the improvements I had made, it landed me at 2nd place. I would not be truthful if I said I wasn’t disappointed, however I just wasn’t what they were looking for at that moment and I have this year to try again.

Best body part

I would have to say I work really hard on my glutes, and people seem to compliment me on them.

Most challenging body part

I really work hard on focusing on the things I like about myself. I love being me and the parts that cause challenges just give me a task to improve.

Favorite exercise


Traits you admire most in others

Willingness to never give up

Traits you admire most in yourself

Always show up the same, willingness to work on my mind and continue to grow as a person.

Favorite movie

Return to Paradise; When a Man Loves A Woman

Natural Bikini Pro Tawnya ClineFavorite Actor

Joaquin Phoenix

Favorite Band or Performer

U2, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam. I have seen Edie Veder/ Pearl Jam 3 times.

Favorite food

Herbalife Cookies and Cream Meal Replacement Shake

Favorite Cheat Day Treats

Chips and Salsa

Favorite Automobile

My dream car was a Range Rover Sport. I am so blessed to be rollin around in it now! My next would be a Bentley.

Idea of a Perfect Vacation

Ocean, healthy food, or a kitchen so I can cook, my husband, and my shake!

What would you be doing if you weren’t a Bodybuilder/Figure/Bikini Competitor?

I can’t imagine my life without competing. I would still be physically active, and nutrition coaching. I love the healthy, active lifestyle.

Long term bodybuilding ambitions

I am on a mission to grow the natural organizations through my team Smoothies and Blenderz, continue to empower woman to feel,good in their own skin through body building and I am determined to win the PNBA Natural Olympia Pro Bikini.

What you like most about Bodybuilding?

Builds confidence, creates friendships, and promoted healthy living.

What you dislike most about Bodybuilding?

Peoples desires to take things that jeopardize their health to grow their muscles.

What advice would you give other competitors?

Do not compare yourself to others. Always give it the best you can and compete only with your reflection. You can’t do anything about anyone who shows up. Deliver your best package possible and be proud of yourself. You did the work!

Natural Bikini Pro Tawnya ClineWho would you like to thank for guidance and/or support in your competitions?

I want to thank my husband Vince. He shows me the endless possibilities; My parents for always encouraging me as a child and never giving up; My children for being my biggest fans at my competitions; My trainers, Aaron and Katie Eliserio at E-Training and Nutrition for pushing me to my strongest potential; Nutrition Head 2 Toe for always providing the best nutrition, the entire community we have created at Nutrition Head 2 Toe that always provides a positive space; My competition team Smoothies and Blenderz for trusting me through this process and including me in their journey; Norma and Randi at Bilbo Baggs for always ensuring my competition suits are the finest and most sparkly to suit my character. They have also allowed me to create the Tawnya Cline Collection of competition suits and athletic wear available at



Photo credits, photo 1 & 5 James Patrick, photo 2 Tlr-79, photo 3 & 6 Lorenzo Gaspar, photo 4 Steven Wetherbee