Natural Figure Competitor Renee Cortellessa

Renee Cortelless Birth date 5/26/1969

Birthplace Providence, RI

Current Residence Bristol, RI

Height 5′ 6″

Contest Weight 127

Off Season Weight 135

First Bodybuilding Contest
2014 OCB Liberty State Natural Championship

Best Contest Placings

ANBF Mass Muscle Natural Classic -Women’s Figure Open 1st place / Women’s Figure Novice 1st Place/1st Place Figure Debut / Women’s Figure Masters 1st Place.
OCB Cape Cod Natural Masters Figure 4th place
OCB Natural NE 3rd Place Bikini Masters
OCB Liberty State Naturals 3rd Place

What made you decide to start doing competitions?

I have always been a fit individual. As a child I was absolutely in LOVE with gymnastics. My parents encouraged me and enrolled me in a club. There I learned about team sportsmanship and very hard work and discipline. In 2008 I made some significant life changes and began a ritualistic cardio program. It was then that I became interested in competing, I just didnt know how to go about it.

Renee CortellessRole Models in Bodybuilding/Figure

My role models are strong, determined woman, not necessarily at celebrity status. In my first year competing, I have developed friendships with alot of driven and dedicated woman, of all ages. Woman that have full time jobs and families who still find the time to devote to their sport and their fitness goals.

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors who physiques you most admire

I admire Rockstar Teammate Christy Resendes’ physique. Her body is incredible and muscular but she maintains a beautful femininity about her, she’s just gorgeous.

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors whose personalities you most admire.

I always thought Arnold Schwarzenegger had a relaxed attitude towards people who didn’t understand the sport. He’s pretty comedic at times.

Highlight(s) of Career:

Making gains, working harder and harder and seeing results. Hearing people tell me I am inspiring them to make life changes.

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career

I haven’t been disappointed yet!!

Best Body part:

Shoulders/ Back

Renee CortellessMost Challenging Body Part


Favorite Exercise

Shoulder press

Least Favorite Exercise


Traits you admire most in others

Loyalty, ambition, strength, courage

Traits you admire most in yourself

I am resilient. Beat me down and I will come back with a ferocity ten fold.

Favorite Movies

The Godfather, Antwone Fisher, The Equalizer, Seven, Shawshank Redemption, and lol..Mary Poppins and Fiddler on the Roof

Favorite Actor

Denzel Washington

Favorite Band or Performer

That’s too difficult a question for me, music is a very large part of my life, always has been, I love hip hop, R&B, Hard Rock, Rap, Pop, Alternative, Classic Blues, Classical..anything at all except opera.

Favorite Food

My Nonna’s Beef Braciole

Renee CortellessFavorite Cheat Day Treats

My home made dark chocolate, walnut brownies. Ive been told I make the best brownies around.

Favorite Automobile

Ford Shelby

Idea of a Perfect Vacation

Beach, no tv, no cell phone

Favorite TV Program

Sons of Anarchy

What would you be doing if you weren’t a Bodybuilder/Figure Competitor?

Figuring out a way to become one

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions

I want my pro card in Physique

What you like most about Bodybuilding?

The limits I can take my body are endless and all up to me and my dedication. There is so much to learn on a DAILY basis. I am like a sponge I just want to soak it all in.

Renee CortellessWhat you dislike most about Bodybuilding?

Enhancement drugs.

What advice would you give other competitors?

Stay focused and keep your routine. Change your lifestyle and you’ll change your life.

Who would you like to thank for guidance and/ or support in your competitions?

My family and friends are all very supportive, even the ones who don’t understand the sport and what it takes to be competitive in it. I can’t say enough about how important and amazing my Rockstar Team Family support and encouragement is. Also a big thanks to my coach and personal trainer Nicky Navas.

A little more about you…

I began participating in Reiki in 2014. I am in tune with my spirituality now and I have learned some hard lessons in my life. I have been very successful financially and not so successful in my personal life. The lessons I have been given have made me the multifaceted, reverential and understanding person I am today…. and my Journey has just begun, I will make the rest of my life, the BEST of my life