Natural Bodybuilder Jasmine HumesNatural Bodybuilder Jasmine HumesNatural Bodybuilder Jasmine Humes

Birth date 10/25/1983

Birthplace Grand Rapids, Michigan

Current Residence Saginaw, Michigan

Height  5’6″

Contest Weight 142 lbs

Off Season Weight  154 lbs

First Bodybuilding Contest

DFAC Roar March 8, 2014

Best Contest Placings

DFAC Pride 1st place, 1st overall, awarded pro card
Peggy Sue Barber Classic 2nd place

What made you decide to start doing competitions?

I have to be honest, I decided to start doing competitions because a self serving reason. I wanted a goal to work towards to get the physique I wanted. But shortly after I started my journey my reasons changed. I kept going to continue being an inspiration and motivation for my family, friends and community.

Natural Bodybuilder Jasmine HumesRole Models in Bodybuilding/Figure

I gained interest in in bodybuilding when I first met IFBB Pro Roshonda Schmitt while taking one of her group fitness classes. After a lot of soul searching 😉 and research I met my current coach Kristin Berard who I now look up to. She is an honest, straight forward person who doesn’t take any short cuts and works very hard for herself and others.

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors who physiques you most admire

Alex Ellis and Alicia Coates

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors whose personalities you most admire

After competing at DFAC World Finals and having a chance to meet so many people, not only from the DFAC but other natural organizations, I’ve met so many friendly, open, fun people. Any competitor that knows how to enjoy life, work hard and play harder is cool with me 🙂

Highlight(s) of Career

Awarded pro card, competing as a pro at DFAC World Finals and becoming a P4P Muscle Sponsored Athlete

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career

My first show I placed 3rd and I was very disappointed but I believe that pushed me to work harder

Best Body Part

Definitely my back.

Most Challenging Body Part

Legs. I have a little extra “love” in my legs and my knees and lower back tend to fight me back.

Favorite Exercise

Single Arm Low Cable Row

Least Favorite Exercise


Natural Bodybuilder Jasmine HumesTraits you admire most in others

Honesty, confidence and humility

Traits you admire most in yourself

The ability to see the silver lining, to see the good in others, to laugh at myself and my determination

Favorite Movies

Too many to try and narrow it down.

Favorite Actor

Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, Al Pacino, Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange… I’m sure I’ve missed someone

Favorite Band or Performer

Mariah Carey (2005 and earlier) and Beyonce

Favorite Food

Mexican food and Pizza

Favorite Cheat Day Treats

Cookies or any baked good

Favorite Automobile

I actually don’t have one 🙂

Idea of a Perfect Vacation

Somewhere warm, sunny, sandy with blue waters with my family and friends.

Favorite TV Programs

I’m a Netflix junkie so my favorite program changes with the season. Currently, its New Girl.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a Bodybuilder/Figure Competitor?

I would probably be training for a marathon.

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions

I’m just along for the ride. While on this ride I want to inspire and help as many people as I can.

What you like most about Bodybuilding

The ability to change and shape your body to what you desire.

What you dislike most about Bodybuilding?

Logging food.

What advice would you give other competitors?

Don’t trust any quick fixes. As hard as it may be trust the process and be patient. Do your research and find that path (division, organization, coach) that will work best for you.
Who would you like to thank for guidance and/ or support in your competitions?
I would like to thank God for giving me the strength for each workout and each turned down cookie 😉 My husband Donald and my two daughters, Destiny and Joy, for being my biggest cheerleaders. My coach Kristin, my ABBRx Team, especially my “swole mate” Jame who listens to me complain, and all my family and friends who cheer me on both near and far.

A little more about you…

I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Seung-ni Fit Club.