Natural Bodybuilder Dave DeRemer

Natural Physique Competitor Dave DeRemerBirth Date November 1st, 1974

Birth Place Watertown, NY

Current Residence Surprise, AZ

Height 5’11”

Contest weight 155

Off-season weight 175

First competition
NANBF St. Louis Natural Bodybuilding and Extreme Fit Championship Classic, 2013

Best Contest Placings

12 top-5 finishes, 3 class and overall wins (open division), 3 “best poser” awards

*Earned Pro Status – Aug 2014

2014 DFAC Pro World Finals Miami – Open Men’s Physique PRO DIVISION – 3rd place

2014 ANBC Arizona Naturals – Open Short Men’s Physique – 3rd place

2014 Luke Air Force Base Bodybuilding and Physique Championships – Open Class Men’s Physique – 2nd place

2014 NANBF Natural KC Classic and IFPA Pro International – Open Tall Class Men’s Physique – 5th place

2014 DFAC Evolution Natural Bodybuilding Championships – Open Men’s Athletic – 1st place, 1stplace overall, Overall Best Poser, *Earned Pro Card

2013 OCB National Championships – Open Men’s Physique – 4th place

2013 NANBF Great Lakes Supernatural Muscle Classic – Open Tall Men’s Physique – 3rd place

2013 NANBF St. Louis Gateway Naturals – Open Tall Men’s Physique – 4th place

2013 NANBF Natural KC Classic and IFPA Pro International – Open Medium Class Men’s Physique – 1stplace – medium class, Overall Best Poser

2013 DFAC Evolution Natural Bodybuilding Championships – Open Short Men’s Athletic – 1st place – short class, 1st place overall, Overall Best Poser

2013 NANBF St. Louis Natural Bodybuilding, Figure & Xtreme Fit Championship Classic – Open Men’s Physique – 5th place

What made you decide to start doing competitions
I got three certifications in fitness training, nutrition and exercise therapy and took all I learned and experimented on myself for a while before ever going out to seek clients. During that time, my body transformed like I never imagined and people noticed. Someone mentioned that I should give competing a shot…so I did. Best decision I ever made, as competing changed my life. The rest is history.

Natural Physique Competitor Dave DeRemerRole Models in Bodybuilding
This is an easy one…my role model is Marshall Johnson. His character and how he goes about doing everything as a person inspires me every day. He’s someone I can honestly say I’d want to be like. If people view me the way they view him, I’ll be very happy.

Bodybuilders whose physiques you most admire
There are so many, it’s tough to say. In bodybuilding, Doug Miller, Marshall Johnson, Daveon Hill and Nadine Schmidt stand out to me. In Men’s Physique, I’d have to say Anthony Prignano, Craig Donnell and Edwin Carter. Their good mix of size and aesthetics is definitely the standard for our class – and Edwin’s posing style on stage is much like my own.

Highlights of career
There are so many amazing moments, but I’d have to say the highlight was winning my class, the overall and “best poser” in my 2nd show. What started as just a “bucket list” thing became a whole lot more after that day. Defending that title a year later winning everything again and earning my pro card is a close second.

Biggest disappointment of career
My biggest disappointment was definitely the St. Louis Gateway Naturals in October 2013 – my 4th show. After back-to-back wins at the DFAC Evolution in August and the KC Classic in September, I was on home turf in St. Louis with high expectations. There was a pretty good buzz about me starting then, so I was feeling good and brought my best physique to the stage. Unfortunately, judge preferences that day were for size vs. shred and I ended up in 4th place. It was tough for me.

Best body parts
I’d definitely have to say shoulders and quads.

Most challenging body part
Easily would be my chest. I think it’s the one body part that has really held me back from going as far as I’d like to go in natural bodybuilding.

Natural Physique Competitor Dave DeRemerFavorite exercise
Incline dumbbell presses

Traits you most admire in others

Traits you most admire in yourself
Discipline, drive, dedication…and doing the right things for the right reasons.

Favorite Movie
A Few Good Men

Favorite Actor
Jim Carrey

Favorite Band or Performer
Brian McKnight

Natural Physique Competitor Dave DeRemerFavorite Food

Favorite Cheat Day Treat
I don’t really do cheat days, but my refeeds include many rice krispie treats. And pizza…I love pizza.

Favorite automobile
Of course, that would be my head-to-toe wrapped Military Muscle-mobile I drive around currently.

Idea of a Perfect Vacation
One of those huts set in the middle of the water, equipped with masseuses, alcoholic beverages and my soulmate. It just wouldn’t get any better than that.

What would you do if you weren’t a Men’s Physique competitor
I’d still be active in sports and would continue to try to inspire and motivate people through my company’s personal training and outreach programs. Military Muscle Inc is my life and occupies much of my time as our company vision is to motivate through fitness
Long-term bodybuilding ambitions I’d still love to earn that elusive IFPA pro card, but above all, I just want to support the natural world and those who choose to do it. Coaching is something I’m getting into more now too, so creating some champions is also a long-term goal.

What do you dislike most about bodybuilding
In general, it would be people trying to use anything but hard work and discipline to achieve a personal goal. Hard work and discipline will always be the only ways to success without damaging your body long-term. In the natural world specifically, my dislike is that all of our natural federations can’t just be on the same page on issues that are harming our world.

Natural Physique Competitor Dave DeRemerWhat advice would you give other competitors Just work hard. Do your research. Watch YouTube videos. Hire a coach. Be disciplined in your diet and PUT IN THE WORK. There are no magic pills or berries to get you where you want to be – YOU have to decide what your goals are and WORK to reach them.

Who would you like to thank for guidance and/or support in your competitions
First, I’ll thank God for blessing me with everything. Without Him, I wouldn’t have any of the talents, skills or traits to achieve what I have. I’d also like to thank John Gorman for teaching me so much and being by my side during a difficult year, and Debbie Portell for welcoming me and really helping me hone my training to get me to another level. Finally, I’d like to thank my Military Muscle family. Their belief in me has propelled my confidence and happiness in this industry to a new level. The company has the most amazing fitness apparel and stands firm in a “support others” philosophy with their personal touch and extensive outreach program. I’m blessed and thankful to now be a part of that team. If you’re a military member, veteran, retiree or just a military supporter, check out for all sorts of fitness apparel, gear and more.