Cindy Wechsler

Birth Date:  June 15, 1964

Birthplace:  Brooklyn, New York

Current Residence:  Orange, CT

Height:  4’8”

Contest Weight:  89 lbs

Offseason Weight:  98-102 lbs

First Bodybuilding Contest:  Fitness Atlantic April 2012

Best Contest Placings:

DFAC Suburban Warfare 1st Place Master’s Figure
DFAC North Jersey April 2013 1st Place and Procard Ms. Athletic
DFAC May 2013 1st Place Pro Women’s Athletic
ANBF March 2015 2nd Place Figure and 3rd Place Physique
New England Naturals First Place Figure and Masters

What made you decide to start competing?  I was training so I could do a photo shoot and while discussing my goals with the owner of a spinning facility where I was teaching, the owner who had competed in the past encouraged me to enter a competition. At the time, that was the furthest thing from my mind. Once I did the photo shoot, I thought that since I had trained so hard and was conditioned I should give it a try, though being on stage and in the lime light was very much out of my comfort zone. I entered Fitness Atlantic and from the moment I walked on stage, I loved the feeling of accomplishment and being able to feel uninhibited.

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Figure:  I first became interested in changing my physique when I started reading the magazine Oxygen. I was so inspired by Tosca Reno. I was in my mid 40’s and I was determined to not allow the aging process get the best of me. My very first mentor was Ava Diamond. She guided me through the process. She was and still is an incredible role model.

Cindy WechslerBodybuilders/Figure Competitors who physiques you most admire:  Being of petite frame, I was in awe of anyone with a similar stature. I met Kori Propst in Miami at DFAC World and thought her physique was beautiful. She was perfectly proportioned and her musculature fit her frame. I also had the opportunity to see Patricia Beckman at that competition as well. Both women truly inspired me. Competing in several DFAC competitions allowed me the opportunity to meet Vicki McAnn and I admire her dedication and beautiful physique.

Bodybuilders/Figure Competitors whose personalities you most admire:  One of the most exciting aspects of bodybuilding is the people that you meet. Everybody has a story and their journey that has led them to the same place. I find it so empowering to be amongst people who are of like mind. I admire the determination, dedication, discipline, support and inner beauty of my competitors.

Highlights of Career:  The highlights of my career have been earning the Best Presentation award at Green Mountain Thaw March 2013 and my Procard in April 2013 at DFAC North Jersey. The support and encouragement that I got from my family and friends with my number one supporter being that of my daughter.

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career:  This journey has truly been an incredible experience. I find the transformation of my body to be like a work of art. I always keep in perspective where I started and where I am now, the hurdles I have overcome and the goals I set forth. It is hard to feel disappointed when you are competing with the one person whose opinion counts the most, yourself. Injuries and other life events that have caused some setbacks have been disappointing but challenging myself and coming out on top keeps it all in perspective.

Best Body Part:  Back

Most Challenging Body Part:  Legs

Cindy WechslerFavorite Exercise:  It’s hard for me to pick one as I get a natural high from training and embrace every workout I engage in.

Least Favorite Exercise:  Lying leg curls and seated calf raises as the machines are not adjustable for my short stature

Traits you admire most in others:  I admire those who have a passion for something, who remain positive despite challenges thrown their way. A person who is caring and humble, non-judgmental, supportive and open minded.

Traits you admire most in yourself:  I love that I am determined, disciplined and driven and push myself to step outside my comfort zone. I treat others as I would want to be treated, am easy going, upbeat, honest and appreciative for all that I have. Mostly, going through life’s journey and looking at each experience as positive learning experience.

Favorite Movies:  Die Hard, Pretty Woman, Remember the Titans, The Blind Side, Maid in Manhattan

Favorite Actor:  Not sure I have one in particular

Favorite Band or Performer:  Do not have a favorite. Love music that is upbeat and has meaning.

Favorite Food:  Oatmeal with almond butter and bee pollen, Salmon Puttanesca over spinach, grilled or roasted vegetables, lobster, Indian food, Sushi, my homemade protein ice cream

Favorite Cheat Day Treats:  Blondie with chocolate almond butter, carrot cake, Indian buffet, sushi buffet

Favorite Automobile:  Anything with 4 wheels that is reliable and will get me from point A to point B.

Cindy WechslerIdea of a Perfect Vacation:  Definitely needs to be in the sunshine. Sitting under an umbrella on the beach listening to the ocean while engrossed in a good book. Having fitness activities readily available and having a dance club nearby for nightlife.

Favorite TV Program(s):  I do not watch much TV. My time is too important to be sitting idle. With that said, sometimes when I eat I will watch Foodnetwork

What would you be doing if you weren’t a Bodybuilder/Figure Competitor?  I cannot imagine this sport not being a part of my life.

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions:  Be able to compete 10 years from now. Inspire other women in their 50’s to find their passion in fitness. Be in a fitness or health related magazine.

What you like most about Bodybuilding?  Feeling empowered, challenging myself, watching the transformation of my body and meeting some really amazing people. Feeling part of an elite group of people.

What you dislike most about Bodybuilding?  Food prep only because it is time consuming. The ignorance of those not involved in the sport and a lack of understanding the true accomplishment.

What advice would you give other competitors?  Ignore those around you who make negative comments. Be patient and stay focused. Appreciate the entire journey.

Cindy WechslerWho would you like to thank for guidance and/ or support in your competitions?  I have had several coaches over the past few years and have learned a great deal from each and every one. My present coach and friend, John Yobst has been a tremendous support to me. His philosophy about common sense prep has made the process so much more enjoyable and my goals much more obtainable. Team Lean has been a major support as well. My family and friends for their encouragement and for accommodating my needs and being flexible to help out so that I can accomplish all that I need to in my day.

A little more about you… (something non-bodybuilding related):  I am a proud mother of two young adults and have enjoyed watching them grow and develop into the wonderful, unique people they are. I graduated from Yale University with a Master’s Degree in Nursing and have been practicing as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in a private practice for 25 years. I became certified as a Holistic Health Counselor through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2006 and I have also worked as a weight loss counselor, day care consultant and camp nurse. In addition, I started a business called DNA Bodysculpting (Designer Nutrition and Bodysculpting) where I counsel people on fitness and nutrition. I enjoy cooking, dancing, singing and playing Scrabble. Music and exercise are my therapy and elevate my spirits. One of my favorite quotes is, “You are no better than the plans you make and the action you take. You are the architect and builder of your own life, fortune and destiny.” Alfred Montapert