Why Competition Tanning Loves Wear & Away Products

Wear & Away products are perfect for the fitness competitor as they provide a solution for protecting that competition tan.

Wear & Away Robes and Pants can be worn immediately after tanning as well as in between competitions. Wear & Away Sheet Protectors make sure there are no stained sheets to deal with whether at home or away at an event.

Wear & Away products are made from 100% polypropylene which repels moisture and will not stick to you. Wear & Away products are inexpensive and can be reused many times.  In addition, Wear & Away products are recyclable and do not contribute to the world wide problem of discarded clothing in landfills.

The creator of Wear & Away Products is Laurie Tuck, she can be reached at info@wearandaway.com or https://wearandaway.com/collections/fitness-wear.

Wear Away Fitness Collection

Wear Away Fitness Collection