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Truth Supplements & Contest Prep, LLC @ Snap Fitness North Dallas

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6911 Frankford Rd. #700
Dallas, Texas

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1st Service Trainer
2nd Service Full Contest Prep
3rd Service Nutritional Plans
4th Service Posing Coach
5th Service Full On-line Coaching

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Coach Tom Rutherford, owner and lead trainer of Truth Contest Prep, has been in business for over nine years working with clients ages 10-80 to improve strength, mobility, and muscular definition.

By keeping bikini, bodybuilder, physique, classic physique, and figure competitor numbers low I’m able to give 110% to each and every one of my clients. (I actually give my clients my personal cell phone number to call me with questions!)

I provide full meal planning, workout planning, and posing practice in person at my North Dallas gym or completely on-line. My last two natural competitors won Light Weight Class at the 2016 Jr. National and won Mr. Iowa College Short Class–Join our team today and bring home some of your own hardware!