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Team Mind Strong Athlete is the only contest prep team that prepares both your body AND your mind! There are three levels of inclusion to choose from. Services range from Complete Contest Prep Coaching to Mental Coaching to access to the Mental Skills Resource Center which includes mental tools to help athletes build confidence, reduce competition anxiety, increase motivation, get rid of negative self-talk, build a high level of focus and dedication to your goal, help with adhering to nutrition protocol, maintaining healthy relationships during the process of your contest prep, as well as resources added at members requests.

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Sacramento, CA/ Worldwide via phone and video sessions

About Nancy:

Nancy Georges is an IFBB Figure Pro, Contest Prep Coach, and Mental Coach. Nancy received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Davis and she is currently finishing up her Master’s degree in Counseling and Sport Psychology. Nancy is a certified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Health Practitioner. She has been involved in the NLP community since 1994. Nancy is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Sports Hypnotist.

Nancy received her mental training from the International Mental Game Coaching Association as well as Mental Training Inc. where she is a Certified Mental Game Coach and Certified Mental Coach, respectively. Nancy continues her education in the area of sport psychology as well as other aspects of mental training to help bring to her clients the most well rounded competition experience.

Nancy is certified through Precision Nutrition. Nancy’s approach to nutrition is one of integration. She believes that although she has a plethora of knowledge regarding the science of nutrition, her clients bring to the table, their own unique experiences. Her integrative form of coaching involves the client’s feedback along the way. Nancy likes to tap into her clients experience and knowledge about their own bodies, likes, dislikes, and preferences, in order to create a balance competition or transformation experience.

Nancy has 20 years of competition experience. She began competing in fitness at the first ever Fitness America Pageant in 1989. She has since gone on to win Ms. National Fitness and Ms. Fitness U.S.A. Nancy turned from fitness to figure in 2005 and received her pro card in the IFBB in 2007. Nancy retired from competition in 2009 in order to pursue her degree in counseling psychology.

Nancy Georges - Fitness Success Coach

Nancy Georges - Fitness Success Coach