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Texas Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Fitness Model Contest Prep Trainers & Coaches

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Thomas Rutherford -  Truth Contest Prep
Location: Dallas, Texas
Services Provided: If In North Texas Person to Person Personal Training and Full Contest Prep for Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini. On-line Contest Meal and Workout Planning, Supplement Counseling, Phone Consults, On-line Posing Practice (Skype/webcam),Choreograph Routines, Mix Music for Stage Routines, Off-season Goal Oriented Meal Planning, Photo Sessions and/or Video Packages of Training Sessions or Local Show, "Life-Style Modification Weekends", Video Library For Clients.
Certification and Areas of Expertise: 17 years experience in fitness/supplement industry, Cooper Certified Personal Trainer, W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer, I.F.A. Nutritional Certification, 8 years personally competing in NPC with two overall titles in bodybuilding and three national qualifier class wins, I limit 9-12 athletes monthly to insure accessibility to me.
Phone: (972) 805-3038
Website:  /

Dave Goodin - Personal Training by Dave Goodin
Location: Hyde Park Gym - Austin, Texas
Services Provided
Personal fitness training one-on-one or in small groups, working with total beginners to world-class athletes, Training of competitive athletes
Exercise Programs & Nutritional Programs, Body Fat Loss, Weight Gain & Strength Training , Bodybuilding and Figure competition prep, Posing coach for bodybuilding or figure athletes.
Certifications and areas of expertise
Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of Texas at Austin
27yrs experience in the fitness/coaching industry, Over 14 yrs Full-time personal trainer 8 International Titles in natural bodybuilding, 4 Texas State Championships and 1 National Championship in Drug-free Powerlifting, Monthly Columnist for Ironman Magazine, Natural Bodybuilding/Figure contest promoter
Phone: (512) 626-5419


Chaya Boone, M.S. - Team Epic Figures
Location: Chicago, Illinois and NOW serving Dallas, TX
Services Provided: Competition prep for bikini, physique, figure, fitness and bodybuilding. Personal Training, Nutrition Consulting, Posing instruction, Stage presentation coaching, Competition Prep, Weight Loss, Muscular Growth, Life Coaching
Certifications & Areas of Expertise: B.S. Kinesiology, M.S. Exercise Science and Certified NPC judge
Email: and


Raquel "Roc" Oliver - BodyByRoc
Location: Desoto, Texas & Online Training Via Skype.
Services Provided: Total Fitness and complete Transformations with nutrition counseling AND training. Bodybuilding Posing and routines. Sports Specific training. Private lessons in Basketball, Volleyball, and Track from age 9 and up. One on one or Boot Camp group training. I I specialize in Complete transformations for the beginner. The person that says, I would love to step on stage one day, but starting from scratch. That give me incredible joy. I also work with diet and training for seasoned athletes. As well as teaching nutrition for particular activities i.e. swimmers, track athletes, runners etc.
Certifications: Undergraduate Degree in Anatomy and Physiology, Graduate studies in sports and recreation management with more studies on movement and physiology. NASM; CSCS
Phone: 214.900.6060

Web: or


Dewayne J. Malone - Against All Odds Fitness

Location: Houston, Texas
Body transformation specialist, nutritious, posing coach, natural bodybuilding, bikini, fiqure, model, fitness physique (show promoter). Certifications: NASM, ACE, ISCA, ISSA, Apex, Dotfit
Phone: (832) 661-2259
Website: &


Adriana Sanchez - Fenix Fitness
Location: Worldwide via Skype & web-coaching, based in Houston, Texas
Area of Service: Figure, Bikini, & Model Posing for all federations. Nutrition Coaching, Weight Management, Small Group & Individual Training, Corrective Exercise
Certifications and Areas of Expertise: National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, & Fitness Nutrition Specialist; Aerobics and Fitness Association of America - Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Exercise Progressions & Injury Prevention; dotfit Certified Fitness Professional; New Leaf Certified Metabolic Specialist; Professional Figure Athlete, Posing Coach
: (713) 419-3508


Travis Johnson - Core Fitness Professionals
Location: Embody Fitness Center, Missouri City, Texas
Services Provided: Training and nutrition for all competitors as well as help with posing for physique, modeling, and bodybuilding. Fitness and Nutrition Consulting
Certifications and Areas of Expertise: NASM Corrective Exersice Specialist, ISSA PT, APEX Fitness Nutrition, AFPA Pre/Post Natal, AFPA Children's Fitness, and DOTFIT Nutrition Certification
Phone: (832) 661-6324


Christine Anderson - Christine Anderson Coaching
Location: Worldwide via Skype, based in Houston, Texas
Area of Service: Figure and Bikini Posing for all federations
Certifications and Areas of Expertise: American Council on Exercise, National Level Figure Competitor 2003-2011, Posing Coach since 2005
Phone: (713) 489-1338


Robin Johnson Jr. - Natural Professional Bodybuilder
Robin Johnson Training Systems @ Fitness Training Studios

Location: Fitness Training Studios, 2111 Sam Bass Road, Round Rock Texas 78665
Services Provided:
One-on-one Personal fitness training and Small Group Classes.
FTS works with beginners to professional athletes.
Training of competitive athletes on all levels.
Exercise Programs & Nutritional Programs
Body Fat Loss, Weight Gain & Strength Training
Bodybuilding and Figure competition Nutrition and contest prep.
Posing coach for bodybuilding, figure, and physique athletes.
Certifications and area(s) of expertise: ISSA certified, Nike SPARQ, NASM (CES-PES), AFPA, Professional Bodybuilder
Phone: (512)  296-8089 Text welcome.


Will Crosley, Bodybywillpower, LLC
Natural Professional Bodybuilder & Natural Federation Bodybuilding Judge

Location: 3300 Anderson Lane #301, Austin, Texas 78758
Services Provided:
Bodybuilding, Bikini and Figure competition training and diet
Competition coach and posing coach
Conducts Judges Workshops
Training of competitive athletes on all levels including Exercise and Nutritional Programs
Certifications and area(s) of expertise:
NASM, NCSA, CSCS, APFA (Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach)
Certified sports nutritionist
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Certified NPC, INBF, WNBF, NGA Head Judge
INBF, WNBF and NPC judge
Expertise in Strength Training, Toning and Weight loss
Phone: (512) 653-3962 Text welcome.


Artis Stewart - Tru Flex Fitness
Location: Worldwide via web-coaching, based in Houston, Texas
Areas of Service: Figure, Bikini, Model, & Bodybuilding Training; Nutrition Coaching, Weight Management, Small Group & Individual Training, Corrective Exercise, Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Performance Enhancement, Athletic Training,
Certifications and Areas of Expertise: National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist; Aerobics and Fitness Association of America - Personal Fitness Trainer; APEX Fitness Nutrition; New Leaf Certified Metabolic Specialist; Titleist Performance Institute - TPI Certified; Golf Channel Am Tour National Championship Athlete
Phone: (713) 449-7266


Cydney Walker - RD Finders and Personal Training
Area of Service – Based in Dallas, Texas. Available online for contest preparation, nutrition counseling, personal training and lifestyle coaching.
Area of Expertise:
Cydney Walker
is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer with the Cooper Institute. She has been a trainer since 1995 and a RD since 2001. Cydney specializes in women’s fitness and contest preparation, bariatric nutrition counseling and diabetes management.
Area of Speciality:
Vegetarian contest prep
Phone: (469) 274_9255



Garth Wotkyns - Committed Fitness, LLC
Location Houston, TX. Committed Fitness is currently located off of Barker Cypress and 290. I also travel to other gyms.
Services Provided: We specialize in sport specific training and bodybuilding/figure prep.
Certifications and areas of expertise: Certified through A.C.E. and I.S.S.A. My area of expertise is sport specific training and sports nutrition.
Phone: 832/527-5053 Fax: 281/361-7113


Michael Paquette - The BODYSHOP Personal Fitness
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Services Provided: Contest Prep for all Natural Athletes, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Nutritional Programs for: Strength/Muscle gain, Pre-contest definition and Sports Performance. I also offer Sports Conditioning classes to improve 40 yd. sprint times, vertical leap, agility and explosiveness.
Areas of Expertise: WNBF Pro Natural Masters Bodybuilder with over thirty years experience in the Sport. I specialize in supplement free Nutrition for all of my athletes for optimum performance. Taking an "old school" approach in my training principles, I individualize training programs to suit each persons genetic and personality type. Biomechanics is critical to exercise performance, therefore I take a special emphasis on proper technique to prevent injury and ensure you will get the most out of your training.
Phone: (210) 835-7602


CJ Godbolt
Location: Dallas, Plano, & Frisco
Services provided: NPC & IFBB contest prep for Figure, Fitness, Bikini, & bodybuilding. Sports nutrition for contest prep & major sports (on & off season) Monthly monitoring of diet & physique (free). One hour nutrition & advanced training consultations. Discounts for all athletes from GNC sponsor (North Dallas/Plano)
Areas of Expertise: Sports Nutrition, Contest Prep/dieting, Individualized Supplement Concepts, Pre/post Natal License, Posing & Stage Presentation B.E.S. has consulted/trained Professional, College, & NPC Athletes for five years. We have developed a reputation for having the most intense focus on creating the fastest results for optimal performance, speed, symmetry improvements & simplified nutrition concepts based on only foods that each individual athlete prefers.
Contact info:
Cedric J Godbolt (B.E.S. Nutrition)
Cell number: (214) 402-9508
PowerPlay Training Studio: (972) 759-4686


Jorge Vela - Explosive Fitness Human Performance Center
813 N. Main Street Suite 105
McAllen, Texas 78501
Service Provided:
Contest Preparation for Natural bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini contest.
17 yr Expert in the fitness industry
Trainer to 2003 NPC Texas State Fitness Champion
Featured in GQ, Latina Magazine, Max Muscle Sports & Fitness Magazine


Teresa Thomason

Location: Dallas, Texas (Flower Mound)

Services Provided: Choregraphy and Competition Prep for competitors.

Phone: (214) 213-7978



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