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ABA Natural Illinois Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini Championships Competition Results

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April 6, 2013

Promoter: John Hansen

Open Men Bodybuilding

Short Class
1st - Brendan Kroeger
2nd - Joe Fortenberry

Medium Class
1st - Larry Montgomery
2nd - Joe Perez
3rd - Grant Weaver

Tall Class
1st - Robert Powell
2nd - Joe Myers
3rd - Terrence Terrell
4th - Matt McClure
5th - Stephen Taylor

Overall Winner - Robert Powell

Figure Open

Short Class
1st - Erica Wieder
2nd - Christina Lazo
3rd - Oksana McDowell
4th - Goshia Stephien

Medium Class
1st - Jodi Verhel
2nd - Stanislava Enev
3rd - Allyson Chrystal
4th - Joahna Olivares
5th - Janice Jackson

Tall Class
1st - Lynn McGinn
2nd - Kiki Dafnis
3rd - Karen Wells
4th - Angela Wright Madison

Overall Winner - Jodi Verhel

Bikini Diva

Short Class
1st - Bryana Propati
2nd - McMillan McCrindle
3rd - Stephanie Perez
4th - Brenda Lopez

Medium Class
1st - Amiee Li
2nd - Kasia Milon
3rd - Christina Sempassa

Tall Class
1st - Viktorija Alexandra
2nd - Heather Crews

Overall Winner - Viktorija Alexandra

Open Women Bodybuilding
1st - Juanita Martin

Novice Men Bodybuilding

Short Class
1st - Kyle Mulligan
2nd - Andrew Keay
3rd - Joe Fortenberry

Medium Class
1st - Grant Weaver
2nd - Daniel Caspi
3rd - Daniel Olmeda
4th - Anthony Muzquiz
5th - Darick Ladner

Tall Class
1st - Terrence Terrell
2nd - Tyler Kelly
3rd - Matt McClure
4th - Tim Black
5th - Stephen Taylor

Overall Winner - Terrence Terrell
Menís Physique
1st - Michael Pericht
2nd - Aaron Kemerling
3rd - Alex White
4th - Daniel Caspi
5th - Loren Thomas

Masters Men Bodybuilding
1st - Larry Montgomery
2nd - Rich Feliciano
3rd - Kaelin Patterson
4th - Donald Carlson

Grand Masters Women Bodybuilding
1st - Juanita Martin

Novice Women Bodybuilding
1st - Brittni Ice

Jr. Master Figure
1st - Allyson Chrystal
2nd - Kiki Dafnis

Masters Figure
1st - Lynn McGinn
2nd - Oksana McDowell
3rd - Angela Wright Madison

Grand Masters Figure
1st - Lynn McGinn

Overall Masters Figure - Lynn McGinn

Jr. Masters Bikini
1st - Heather Crews
2nd - Maria McCauley
3rd - Sanura Young

Masters Bikini
1st - Tammy Prather
2nd - Toni Fairley
3rd - Laurie Bryant

Teen Men Bodybuilding
1st - Tyler Kelly
2nd - Joseph Amaro
3rd - Esteban Morales

Model Search
1st - Toni Fairley
2nd - Janice Jackson
3rd - Christina Sempassa
4th - Sanura Young

Fitness Open
1st - Elizabeth Baldo

Teen Fitness
1st - Brittini Ice

Kids Fitness
1st - Keira Dafnis

Bodypart Awards - Men
Best Chest - Larry Montgomery
Best Back - Rich Feliciano
Best Arms - Joe Myers
Best Legs - Joe Perez
Best Abs - Robert Powell
Most Muscular - Robert Powell
Best Poser - Robert Powell

Bodypart Awards - Women
Best Abs - Jodi Verhel
Best Legs - Lynn McGinn
Best Glutes - Bryana Propati

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