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INBF Northeast America Bodybuilding and Figure Championships

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April 14, 2012

Somerville High School
Somerville, New Jersey

Promoted by Anthony & Karen Monetti


Best Body

1. Kristyn Ciaravino
2. Mary Warren
3. Lauren Michel
4. Jen Maget Gallagher
5. Candace Hinds
6. Danielle Duval
7. Caitlin Farrell

Novice Figure

1. Kara Lazauskas
2. Diane Ferro
3. Kathy Friedman
4. Danielle Duvall
5. Jen Boyle

Master Figure

1. Lisa DiPasquale
2. Diane Ferro
3. Jen Boyle
4. Kathy Friedman

Open Figure

Short Class

1. Eman Elgashi *overall winner WNBF pr card
2. Kristine Loock
3. Kristyn Ciaravino
4. Lauren Michel
5. Chelsea Cartica

Tall Class

1. Lauren Geldmacher
2. Jennifer Lichwick
3. Tonia Ward
4. Paula Nicole Murphy
5. Tricia Sherrick

Open Fit Body

Short Class

1. Kristine Loock *overall winner WNBF pro card
2. Lisa DiPasquale
3. Eman Elgashi
4. Darlene Tresca

Tall Class

1. Debbie Marcy
2. Jennifer Lichwick
3. Tonia Ward
4. Kara Lazauskas

Master Ms. Fit

1. Debbie Marcy
2. Lisa DiPasquale

Women’s Bodybuilding


1. Patricia Amoroso
2. Darlene Tresca

Heavy Weight

1. Debbie Marcy *overall winner WNBF pro card
2. Ronnie Inkawa

Master Women Bodybuilding

1. Debbie Marcy
2. Ronnie Inkawa
3. Patricia Amoroso

Teen Men Bodybuilding

1. Matthew Klune

Junior Men

1. Matthew Klune
2. Alexander Puhalla

Master Men 40+

1. Tim Golub *overall winner
2. Alberto Hernandez
3. Mark Storti
4. Cosmo Ferro

Master Men 50+

1. Tom Walsh
2. Kenneth Franco
3. Robert Jackson

Novice Men

1. Tim Golub
2. Tom Walsh
3. Matthew Klune
4. Cosmo Ferro
5. Alexander Puhalla
6. Clarence Dabney
7. Kenneth Franco

Open Men Bantam

1. Stephen Morgante *overall winner and WNBF Pro card
2. Jay Orillaza
3. Bamidele Olanipekun

Open Men Lightweight

1. Timothy Gottlieb
2. George Kondratas
3. Stephen Gamma

Open Men Middle Weight

1. Michael Gliamas
2. Alberto Hernandez
3. Mark Storti

Open Men Light Heavy

1. Jimmy Robinson

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