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Natural Contest Promoter Profiles
Featuring the those individuals who work so hard promoting Natural Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness competitions and who share our enthusiasm and dedication to drug-free bodybuilding and fitness.

Joanne Rossi


Joanne Rossi of Force Events

Show(s) Promoted

FAME South Africa promoter with FAME SA's taking place on the weekend of the 2nd - 4th October at Emerald Casino in Vanderbijl park South Africa.

Also WPF Nationals happening in October South Africa and chairlady of WPF Vaal / South Gauteng

Which Organizations have you promoted with?


Why do you choose to work with this organization?

FAME promotes Fitness Models and helps athletes take their level of competing to a different platform. Also, find the lifestyle approach of FAME much broader than just Bodybuilding and is about Health, lifestyle and a an approach that you also don't need drugs.

How do you feel about the number of shows and different organizations that currently make up Natural Bodybuilding? Do you ever see a day when all of the major organizations will work together? Do you think the variety of organizations is good or bad for the athletes?

I think that there is too much variety of organizations in our country, and will hope that we could all work under one umbrella in terms of parameters of Event management .

What is your background in Bodybuilding and Fitness?

South African IFBB Champion 1997 1998 and competed Internationally with IFBB. Moved across to WPF which is an amateur federation in 1999 and was the South African champ and competed overseas. Found many of the federations fairly hardcore and moved across into fitness modelling and was a SOUTH AFRICAN GLADIATOR (Force) for the next 2 1/2 years. Decided to promote shows in our country, became an International judge and decided that we need to host "better" shows whereby in 2003 launched the ExerGise Award bringing out Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren etc to help promote and educate the sport to the masses. In 2006 moved to shows promoting FAME and natural events and have thus been a show promoter for several years learning yearly the trends of the physique. My emphasis has always been to help women and development communities that don't have money but have the talent to compete.

Who were your mentor(s), if any when you started promoting shows and how did they help you?

I was my own mentor. I just believed that a second grade school hall and cheap trophies was not the way to run shows, and as a Gladiator had the platform to start doing and helping people. My physique mentors were Debbie Kruck, Cory Everson and Sharon Bruneau and Ami Fadli and just had passion for myself in this wonderful sport.


What are some of the challenges you have had to deal with as a promoter?

As a female trying to entertain, at that stage, a fairly male dominated sport in the late 90's. Trying to work out who is honest in the game and who is in it for personal gain. Trying to get sponsorships with a community less than educated and in those times without email like we have today.

What makes your show different from the others and why should competitors choose your show(s)?

I am the best show promoter in South Africa, based on years of experience and the amount of TV Productions I have run in South Africa. Our venues, trophies and general show production is always world class and I watch the judging very closely to ensure that my shows always promoter the right winners as they are role models for the next years line-ups. AND then, I work on substantial line-ups so that the athletes compete against many and have a reputation for good sized line-ups!

What are some of the most memorable moments from your show(s)?

Handing over more than R100 000 in prize money at my ExerGise weekend.

What are some of the funniest moments from your show(s)?

Watching how long an athlete can stare at themselves in the mirror, the odd lady slipping out of her shoes, the odd shoe falling off and then of course the ever embarrassing nipple shower where the competitor inst aware of a bikini top bearing all...

If you could do it all over again...what, if anything, would you do differently?

What do you wish that you knew then that you know now? I loved the lessons I have learned, albeit that people want what you have and continue to bring you down even though you know what you are doing. I would have like a publicist to promote my reputation, cause sometime I just run shows:: I don't pick the rest of the placers when people haven't won and they blame me..

How do you drug test at your show? Polygraph or urinalysis?

All competitors, class winners or random. At Fame we do a Physique screening and then in the scoring if the athletes is too muscular or ripped they get marked down.

Is your show judged by weight class or by height class? Why did you choose the method you use?

We judge, in FAME with some weight classes but the ranking of PRO and advanced is really the ideal way of the right competitors competing with the right athletes

How do you select your judging panel? What qualifies someone to be a judge at your show?

I choose people that compete Internationally or have experience that is unbiased and can work with me in ensuring that we have the right TOP 3 in every division

What advice do you have for competitors getting ready for the show, on the day of the show and after the show is over?

Read your entry form and come prepared. Asking me for directions to the show during registration is a No Go

What the your contact info and website for your show?

People can email me on and I am on FACEBOOK. (launching again end of JULY) and as well as the website

What new ideas do you have for your upcoming shows?

Bringing more International athletes and photographers to South Africa to our shows. 1. It helps our athletes raise their standards and get International experience and 2. We have a beautiful, friendly country that more athletes need to come over and see and compete.

When is your next show?

FAME SA Weekend on the 2nd - 4th October.

Who are the folks you would like to thank for supporting your show?

Always the athletes for their support in me, cause without them I have no show. To Arnie Williams for teaching me about event management and experience we have gained from other concerts and events. To The Universe, for letting me be on such a path and for the athletes who let me promoter them through my sports agency and try and get work for people with PHYSIQUES and a passion for training!

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