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Natural Competitor Profiles
Featuring the very best natural physiques of individuals that share our enthusiasm and dedication to drug-free bodybuilding and fitness.

John Hansen
Mr. Natural Olympia

Name - John Hansen
Birth date - March 10, 1963
Birthplace - Worth, Illinois
Current Residence - Willowbrook, Illinois
Height - 5'8"
Contest Weight - 200-205
Offseason Weight - 225-230

First Bodybuilding Contest

1979 AAU Teenage Mr. Chicagoland, 4th place in the Short Class

Best Contest Placing(s)

1st place 1998 Natural Mr. Olympia - Pro Division, 1st place 1996 Natural Mr. Universe - Pro Division, 1st place overall 1992 Natural Mr. Universe, 1st place overall 2004 Natural America's Cup, 1st place overall 1992 Natural Mr. North America, 1st place 1992 NPC Natural Illinois, 1st place 1996 AAU Mr. Illinois, 1st place 1990 NPC Illinois Cup, 1st place 1986 NPC Mid-America, 1st place overall 1986 NPC Illinois State, 1st place 1981 AAU Teenage Midwest Open

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Fitness

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Lee Labrada, Bill Pearl, Jack Lalanne

Bodybuilders/Fitness Competitors who physiques you most admire

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Kal Szkalak, Mike Quinn, Phil Williams

Bodybuilders/Fitness Competitors whose personalities you most admire

Arnold, Lee Haney, Bill Pearl

Highlight(s) of Career

Winning the Natural Mr. Universe in 1992, Winning the first Natural Mr. Olympia in 1998 and winning my first overall title, the 1986 NPC Illinois State.

Biggest Disappointment(s) of Career

Missing my peak at the 1994 NPC Team Universe and then missing my peak again at the 2001 Natural Olympia when I tried to come back from a bicep tendon rupture.

Best Bodypart

Biceps and Back

Worst Bodypart


Favorite Exercise

Barbell Rows and Deadlifts

Least Favorite Exercise


Traits you admire most in others

Honesty, loyalty, reliability

Traits you admire most in yourself

creative, honest, disciplined

Favorite Movies

"Rocky", "Pumping Iron", "Breaking Away", "The Godfather", "Braveheart", "Goldfinger", "Animal House", "Young Frankenstein", "The Dark Knight", any Michael Mann movie.

Favorite Actor

Russell Crowe, Daniel Day Lewis, Denzel Washington

Favorite Band or Performer

Rolling Stones

Favorite Food

I love my oatmeal in the morning.

Favorite Cheat Day Treats

Can't beat chocolate chip cookies, especially if they are home made!

Favorite Automobile -

Idea of a Perfect Vacation - Any warm, tropical climate (Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica) on a beach with a drink in my hand and a beautiful woman next to me.

Favorite TV Program(s) - "The Wire" was the best show on TV but that's over now. I also like "Rescue Me", "Entourage" and "Mad Men".

What would I be doing if I wasn't a Bodybuilder

Actor. I love getting up and performing in front of an audience. My favorite part of competing was doing my routine at night in front of an audience.

Long Term Bodybuilding Ambitions

I want to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Natural Bodybuilding by writing books, producing DVD's, promoting natural bodybuilding competitions and promoting the benefits of bodybuilding to the mainstream media. I have done some of that but I plan on doing a lot more in the near future.

What I like most about Bodybuilding

The discipline and total dedication that is required to create a "perfect" physique, the feeling of training heavy with concentrated effort and the realization of achieving your goal.

What I dislike most about Bodybuilding

The sacrifice that comes with dieting, shaving my legs and incompetent judging.

Advice I would give other bodybuilders

Have a plan for your bodybuilding career. Decide early what you want to accomplish in this sport and then build a strategy to make it happen. This will help keep you focused and motivated through the setbacks and losses.

A little more about me...

I LOVE movies! I was a movie critic for my high school newspaper and my college newspaper. I go to see movies all the time and I read the reviews each week in the paper. I will drive to a theater far away from me just to see a movie that got great reviews. I can see me writing a movie script in the future and I would love to attend the Oscars one year.

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