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Body Quest Ice Cream

Ice Cream with a "Hidden Agenda"

-16 grams of Quality Whey Protein
-2.8 Grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids
-Low Fat

Available In Five Delicious Flavors

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Lemon

Take a bodybuilder who is constantly concerned with diet, while maintaining a muscular stature, combined with a family who has been in the ice cream business for over twenty-three years and you have not only a great marriage but the birth of a product that could bring a different nutritional aspect to the high fat, high sugar and high carbohydrate ice creams already out on the market!


Body Quest was originally designed with the athlete in mind. A protein supplement that dispels the myth that ice cream is off-limits to, not only, the health and fitness industry but, to those looking for healthy alternatives in the foods that they consume everyday. Coming up with such a product has not been easy but, we think the final product has something that no other ice cream has the ability to offer. Body Quest Ice Cream gives the consumer an ice cream that has the same creamy consistency of ice cream that is normally purchased from the local grocery store yet offers lower fat and higher protein content. All of this has been done while alleviating the unusual taste that most high protein foods have during, as well as, after consumption.

The consumption of protein has been well known for the recuperation and muscle growth in the sports world for years. Eat more protein and your muscles will grow. Lately, higher protein consumption has been utilized in all fields of nutrition where a trauma has occurred in or to the body. We at Body Quest feel that our ice cream can be useful in these areas as well. The body’s natural consumption of calories and protein increases with traumatic stress. These calories and proteins need to be replaced as quickly as possible, however in some cases; the desire to eat will languish. When this occurs, offer something that everyone likes, ice cream! And what better ice cream is there than Body Quest, an ice cream that offers the comfort desired while eating, as well as higher protein content for recovery!

Whether you’re trying to eat ‘clean’ or your specific diet needs must utilize meals with higher protein content, Body Quest is the dessert or snack of choice! We are confident that we have produced a product that not only tastes wonderful but, also gives you added nutritional benefits that no other ice cream offers.

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