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March 14, 2015
Boca Raton, Florida
Promoter: Kent Bierly

Contest Placings

Women’s Figure Debut
1st Holly Gyles
2nd Andrea Kovacs

Women’s Figure Novice
1st Holly Gyles

Women’s Figure Masters
1st Holly Gyles **

Women’s Figure Open
1st Holly Gyles *
2nd Andrea Kovacs

Women’s Physique Masters

1st Julianne Tomsello**
2nd Jill Gumpper

Women’s Physique Open

1st Julianne Tomsello*
2nd Jill Gumpper

Men’s Physique Novice

1st Matt McClellan

Men’s Physique Masters

1st Andrew Raglin**

Men’s Physique Open

1st Andrew Raglin*
2nd Matt McClellan

Men’s Physique PRO

1st Jeremy Dover

Women’s Bikini Open

1st Latoya Minnifield *
2nd Paula Dela Rosa – Bailey

Women’s Bikini PRO

1st Rosli Marchbanks
2nd Michelle Johnson

Women’s Bodybuilding Masters

1st Jill Gumpper **

Women’s Bodybuilding Open

1st Jill Gumpper *

Men’s Bodybuilding Debut

1st John Brannigan

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 40+

1st Skip Gillon **

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 50+

1st Skip Gillon **
2nd Larry Campanella

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 60+

1st John Brannigan **
2nd Bill Long

Men’s Bodybuilding Open

1st Kevin Wakefield *
2nd Skip Gillon
3rd John Brannigan
4th Bill Long
5th Larry Campanella

Men’s Bodybuilding PRO

1st Cleveland Graham

* ANBF Pro Cards
** ANBF Pro Masters Cards