2017 WNBF Pro World Championships

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Event Info

  • Promoted by WNBF
  • Sponsored by Cellucor
  • Interntional Event
  • WNBF Pro Qualifier
  • WNBF Super-Pro Qualifer

Visit the WNBF site for additional information, including:

  • Drug Testing
  • Pro Eligibility
  • Host Hotel and Group Rates
  • Competitor Services
  • Amateur + Pro Registration Information

Professional Classes

  • Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Pro Fit Body
  • Pro Figure
  • Pro Men’s Physique
  • Pro Bikini
  • Pro Masters Bikini

Amateur Classes

  • Open Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Open Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Open Fit Body
  • Open Figure
  • Open Men’s Physique
  • Masters, Teens and Juniors


2017 WNBF Pro World Championships


2017 WNBF Pro World Championships