Featured Competitors

Laura Tourtellot Posing Classes

Laura Tourtellot Posing Classes. Durham, NH. Thursdays: 6:30-8:00 PM September 6 through October 11 Saturdays: 11:00 AM 12:30 9/8, 9/22, 10/13

  • Renee Cortelless

Renee Cortelessa

"The limits I can take my body are endless and all up to me and my dedication."

  • Natural Physique Competitor Dave DeRemer

Dave DeRemer

"There are no magic pills or berries to get you where you want to be – YOU have to decide what your goals are and WORK to reach them."

  • Natural Bodybuilder Jasmine Humes

Jasmine Humes

"I kept going to continue being an inspiration and motivation for my family, friends and community."

  • Natural Bodybuilder Cassandr DiSciullo

Cassandra DiSicullo

As a natural bodybuilder, Cassandra loves " putting in the work and seeing results."

  • Natural Bikini Pro Tawnya Cline

Tawnya Cline

"Always give it the best you can and compete only with your reflection."

  • Todd Denardo IFPA Pro

Todd Denardo

Todd Denardo is a ligthweight bodybuilder from Minneapolis.

  • Cindy Wechsler Natural Bodybuilder

Cindy Wechsler

DFAC Ms. Athletic Pro Cindy Wechsler has been competing since 2012.

  • Pro Natural Bodybuilder Jonathan Taveras

Jonathan Taveras

ANBF and IFPA Pro Bodybuilder Jonathan Taveras has been competing since 2013.